Fit more hours in the day with these productivity-boosting apps from DocsCorp

Thursday, 29 October 2020 at 11:00 PT | 13:00 CT | 14:00 ET

Time is a precious commodity at every firm. But too many hours are being spent on time-consuming administration tasks and slow processes. When attorneys fit more hours in the day, it isn’t only the firm’s bottom line that is impacted – turnaround times go down, the quality of work goes up, and the client experience improves.

Register for this webinar and discover applications that can help you:

  • Boost productivity when working with documents
  • Create consistent documents that maintain brand identity
  • Find changes between versions in seconds
  • Eliminate data leaks via email
  • Spend less time searching for files that aren’t discoverable

Simplifying complex legal document workflows ensures time is only spent on work that really matters. And integration between legal tech and core systems like Microsoft Office and the document management system streamlines processes from creation to completion.

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